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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a reality that many returning service members deal with on a daily bases. The United States has actively been at war for more than a decade and the all volunteer force has managed to be sustained, but at what cost? Many service members have routed through multiple tours of combat between Iraq and Afghanistan. Many have given their lives while the return veterans struggle with the physical and mental wounds of war.

This film was created to show visual representation what goes through the veterans mind after they physically leave the battlefield but the thoughts and memories remain in conflict.This film feature real combat footage shot in Afghanistan, intertwined with scenes throughout the mountain of Colorado is a beautiful portrayal of balance and chaos. It is semi-narrative piece, allowing the footage, sound and music to carry the view through the experience.

Many people have contributed their time and talents to make this film a reality. Education and awareness is the key to understanding and providing help for the growing number of combat veterans with PTSD. —Michael Golembesky

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• Cast: Michael Golembesky, Marines and Sailors of U.S. Marine Special Operation Team (MSOT) 8222, Soldiers and Airmen of Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) 1314 and Afghan Commando Force.
• Soundtrack by Ryan Bertollini, Jason Savory, Mill Run Band and Vincent Lafrance

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